Mos Def: The Unsung Hero of Chappelle’s Show

Chappelle’s Show is an all-time great.

It’s pretty much the best show of all time, from the intro to the hosting to the sketches to the musical guests. Dave Chappelle was obviously the driving force, but Donnell Rawlings and Charlie Murphy are fucking hilarious too, and they proved that when they hosted the lost episodes for season 3. Neal Brennan, the co-creator of Chappelle’s Show and usually the white guy in the sketches, is also a big reason the show was so great, and he deserves mad props too. That said, the true unsung hero behind Chappelle’s Show is Mos Def, and I’m not just talking about the musical segments he did.

Mos Def Black Head of the CIA


The roles

In case you never looked too closely, Mos Def was front and center in a lot of the best Chappelle’s Show sketches.¬†Black Bush? In one of Chappelle’s boldest sketches, Bush was of course played by Chappelle. The black head of the CIA though was Mos Def, and if you remember that press conference with the yellow cake, that was Mos of course. Kind of ironic, now that Mos Def (well, Yasiin Bey now) wasn’t allowed back into the country last year.

What about the Racial draft? The Black ambassador (Rondell, according to the White ambassador) is Mos Def, in all his shit-talking, cigarette packing glory. This is one of the show’s best and most popular sketches, and Mos’s red suit has gotta be a big reason why.

Mos Def’s best role though was probably in The World’s Greatest Wars, as General Cornrow Wallace. From the voiceover of his own letter, to his ridiculous running to “pprrrrrr” to his general behavior throughout, no ¬†one (except maybe Chappelle himself) could have handled this role. None of this is a surprise though, because Mos has done quite a bit of acting in his career.

Mos Def General Cornrow Wallace


The music

One of the reasons Chappelle’s Show was so damn good was the musical guests, and Mos Def rocked that shit too. He did one with Talib, one with Kanye and Freeway and one by himself (just driving around with Dave, as casual as any of the performances), and dude’s just got a hell of a presence. The funniest thing about all of Mos Def’s work on Chappelle’s Show is that the sketches with him and the musical segments with him were usually in different episodes, making me think he was just hitting Dave up for roles all the time.

Mos Def is king.

King of the rap game, king of the acting game, king of comedy. Chappelle’s Show would still be legendary without him, but because of him it’s probably the best show of all time. What’s your favorite Chappelle’s Show sketch (with or without Mos?) Let’s hope Mos and Dave can reunite for some funny shit sometime soon.

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