Nas’s Future and Revisiting Life is Good

We’ve been waiting on Nas’s new album.

Nas has gotta be my favorite rapper of all time. If you wanna know why, Illmatic’s why (but all his shit’s dope.) Let’s see what his next album might be like. Let’s also take a look back at Nas’s last album, Life is Good. It was mad dope, so we got high hopes for the man going forward.



 The Season

Nas teamed up with AZ for what might be the first single of the next album, The Season. Some of y’all might know AZ from his verse on Life’s a Bitch (the only feature on Illmatic), which is fire. The beat for the album is (the late, great) J Dilla’s Gobstobbers, which is off Donuts. It would be wack for some new rapper to jump on one of Dilla’s beats and release it as a single, but it’s cool cause it’s Nas and he can do no wrong. Anyways, the album might be called Seasons of Nasir, and if this track is any indication it’s gonna be a mad classic sound.

Scope The Season here on Soundcloud.

 Life is Good

Now looking back at Nas’s last album, Life is Good, inspired by his divorce from Kelis (whose wedding dress is with Nas on the cover.) It was a great direction for a veteran rapper to take, hitting mad classic beats for the fans but not just remaking their old songs. Loco-motive features the train we all know and love, and A Queen’s Story flexes the storytelling muscle early. Both of those tracks alone could be on Illmatic, but Nas goes even faster than he did when he was 19, which is crazy for a man approaching 40, but Nas gives no fucks.

Nas - Life is GoodThe first 7 tracks are amazing, and the rest of the album only slightly trails off. The latter half of the album includes a real smooth track, Cherry Wine, which features the late, great Amy Winehouse (from an unused vocal track she had recorded, but weirdly enough Nas and Amy Winehouse shared the same birthday.) Overall, Life is Good doesn’t quite reach Illmatic or Stillmatic levels, but it’s a mad dope album and should be scoped by Nas fans or just rap fans in general.

Life Is Good - Nas

Season of Nasir

So now that you’ve scoped Nas’s latest single and his latest album, you can see (well, hear) why we got high hopes for Nas’s next album. It’s supposed to be called Season of Nasir and it’s supposed to drop this year. Considering he used (the legend) Dilla’s beat for the first single off it, it’s safe to say Nas is gonna go for a classic sound again. Considering he’s the best storyteller in hip hop, if he raps over fire beats the album will go off. Stay tuned here at Spit Talking for a release date once we get one.

What other albums are you looking out for?

Whether it’s a classic rapper’s next release or an up and comer’s debut, let me know. Also, hang around Spit Talking and you’ll be up to date on the hot albums we got coming for us. I just can’t wait for Nas’s cause he’s got a history of making dope albums (no matter what Jay-Z says), and I’m sure Season of Nasir will deliver too.

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