New J. Cole Video – G.O.M.D.

We got a G.O.M.D. video, y’all.

J. Cole has dropped another video from his new album so we don’t forget about him with all the other hip hop getting dropped. I’m glad this is the second video Cole’s given us (with the first being Apparently) off of the mad dope 2014 Forest Hills Drive, because G.O.M.D. is a mad dope track, from the crazy beat to the fire Cole spits. I didn’t expect the music video to be anything like this though, but it’s a bold move from Cole and one that really pays off.

J. Cole - 2014 Forest Hills Drive

G.O.M.D. is the 8th track off 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

Watch J. Cole – G.O.M.D. Video

Back in the day

J. Cole - G.O.M.D. VideoThe video starts with Cole in a plantation house and some white men watching over slaves working in the field. Then Cole walks around trynna say what’s up to some of the slaves in the house. One of the slave drivers fucks with him a little bit outside the house, and he tries to throw up a fist of solidarity to some of the field slaves but they don’t respect him either. ThisĀ is a hell of a fucking metaphor for Cole’s career and the perception of his blackness.


He ends up stealing some keys, and a white girl notices but doesn’t say anything. He starts gathering up some other slaves and some weapons, before the girl who notices him comes up and sees but then saves them from being caught. He goes up to the field slaves who didn’t respect them, but when he arms them that’s all forgotten. Then he goes back to the house and waits until the field slaves come and they trap the white folks between them before just fucking everything up.

Celebration but no conclusion

J. Cole - G.O.M.D. VideoThe last minute of the video is the slaves celebrating, and sets the tone for Cole’s last verse so you can really think about what he’s saying about the state of black men in this country today. The video ends with the slaves being approached by white men on horses with torches. Cole is saying that even though those slaves were freed (and all slaves in the country were freed), the fight still continues. Fuck.

Best rap video I’ve seen in a while.

This shit is deep, from what it says about the state of black people in this country today to how he himself is viewed by both whites and blacks. This shit is unapologetically revolutionary, and somehow the whole time the track over the video works perfectly. Folks are gonna be talking about this video for a while. For now though, I’ma just watch it a few more times.

Watch J. Cole – G.O.M.D. Video

Spit Talking

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