New Rap Video: Big Sean – Blessings

Big Sean dropped a video for Blessings.

After his extremely successful release of Dark Sky Paradise, Big Sean is dropping a video for one of the hottest tracks on the album, Blessings. It probably also helps that Drake’s on it, because I hear Drake’s a little famous or something. Speaking of folks that got a little fame and a little money, Kanye got on this video too (even though he’s not on the album version.) Let’s scope the video and see if it lives up to the track.

Big Sean – Blessings

Black and White

Big Sean - Blessings ConfessionFirst of all, Blessings is a mad dope track that has a back alley type beat, just a little creepy but it also just sounds good. The video matches the vibe perfectly, and it’s not only shot in black and white but it’s also pretty dark in general. Big Sean kicks it off by strolling in front of the camera with some fog behind him, and the video’s already dope from the beginning. Then Big Sean talks about how he treats the beat like a reverend while confessing to himself in a white suit in the video. It’s real slick.

Then Drake comes in, and honestly the track just kind of sounds like a Drake track, so he fits right in. When he starts rapping they do this real choppy effect where they increase the light around him but move the camera just a little bit so it feels like some Blair Witch shit or something. This is where you can tell that they weren’t trying to look dope in the video, they were trying to make the video look dope. It’s one of the best rap videos I’ve seen in the last few years, and a lot of it has to do with the creepy feel they got.

Kanye West Blessings VideoKanye jumps on at the end to finish off the track, and he just acts a fool because you know, it’s just exciting whenever Kanye shows up. He’s not in this track on the album, so either he originally was but left his verse on the cutting room floor, or he just decide to hop on a dope track off an album he released (well, G.O.O.D. Music did.) Either way, Kanye can do whatever he wants and it’s always nice to see him rap now that he’s been performing a whole lot more R&B type shit (which he still kills though.)

What you think?

You think this was a good track to make a video for? I definitely think so because the sound lends itself to a mad dope video if done right, and this shit was definitely done right. Now I’m just looking forward to the One Man Can Change The World video, even if it’s not quite as creative.

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