RapKey: The iPhone’s Hip Hop Keyboard

Lemme tell y’all about RapKey.

Remember the Drizzy keyboard app where you could text folks Drake lyrics from your iPhone? Well, if you’ve read my writeup of the Drizzy app you know that I’ve been waiting for an app that can text other rappers’ lyrics too. Well, even though it’s not brand new it’s new to me, so let me tell y’all about Rapkey, which is like the Drizzy app but with more lyrics. Not to mention it’s totally free, as it should be.

RapKey - Ativ Patel

The appRapKey Categories

Once you’ve parted with that zero dollars and downloaded/installed the app, go to your phone’s settings, then general, then keyboard, then add the RapKey keyboard. Once you have it as a keyboard you’re ready to start texting folks your favorite lyrics, from “Walking round always mad reputation” to the classics like “Straight out the fucking dungeons of rap.” Unfortunately, the lyrics aren’t broken up by rapper (which would be nice) but instead they’re broken up into mood, kind of like the Drizzy app. By choosing with the emojis, you can pick (from left to right) between the following types of lyrics:

  • Where are you?
  • What are you doing?
  • Talking with Bae
  • La la la I can’t hear you
  • Let me be great
  • Numbers on the board
  • and a Delete button, which is nice so you don’t have to switch out to a different keyboard for that.


RapKey in ActionNow, don’t get me wrong, I’m real happy this app exists, but it’s not perfect. I wish that there were sections split up by rapper, because I’ma need pretty much all of Illmatic and Liquid Swords up in my texts so I’m holding out for Nas and GZA keyboard apps. I’m also gonna need some trademark noises that rappers make on my keyboard, like the obvious ones from Kanye, Birdman and Rick Ross, to name a few. If I’m not able to throw a Lil Jon “WHAT?” in there, it ain’t perfect yet. Anyways, this is what we got for now, and it’s easy to navigate and has a solid selection of lyrics, but really needs some more.

It’s free though

Since it’s free and you don’t gotta pay anything, we can look past all those shortcomings. The Drizzy app is dope, but it’s not quite versatile enough. I name RapKey the new world champion iPhone keyboard, but that’s just until an app that separates by rapper and has a huge library of lyrics come along. Until then, go with the completely free RapKey and start texting everybody you know some rap lyrics.

RapKey - Ativ Patel

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