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Get RAPstation in your life.

RAPstation is a free iPhone app that’s pretty much the dopest hip hop radio station out there. It’s the app for rapstation.com, which Chuck D (of Public Enemy fame) foundeed in 1999. If you like dope hip hop, you gotta be hip to RAPstation. I mean, Chuck D was smart enough to launch this shit 16 years ago, so there’s no excuse at this point for you to not be on this.

The site

Chuck D

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Chuck D knew how big the internet would be for hip hop (before many other people did), so he wanted to make sure there would always be a place by hip hop artists for hip hop artists and listeners. Anyways, in case you couldn’t guess, the most important part of RAPstation is its hip hop radio station. They got a dope line-up which only plays the dope shit, so you’re not allowed to complain about how shitty rap on the radio is anymore, because at least one radio station has got your back now.

That’s not all though, the site’s also got hip hop news (written and on the air for a minute every hour), RAPstation TV and if the radio station is your thing you can sign up to be a DJ on it. They even got charts, and it’s not so much a radio station as it is a rap ecosystem. Leave it up to Chuck D to make sure there’s a dope spot for hip hop artists and fans on the web.

The app

RAPstationAnyways, the site obviously came before the app, but we live in the future now so you can easily have RAPstation on the go. Once you get the app (for free, and it doesn’t even have any bullshit in-app purchases of anything), you can choose to stream the normal RAPstation stream, or choose from some artist radio stations, including of course Public Enemy (my personal favorite.) Between the RAPstation app, the Datpiff app and whatever you got from iTunes, all your hip hop needs can easily be on your phone at all times.

The site doesn’t just have stations though, and it tries to be a more faithful little brother to the site. They also got charts, but the dopest part is “This Day In Hip Hop & Rap History” (in the Extras), which is pretty much like one of those daily calendars but for hip hop facts. This would already be dope, but paired with the fact that you can also stream dope rap for free makes this app a must-have for any hip hop fan.

Trust Chuck D.

Listen. Chuck D is one of the best rappers of all time, and one of the most important folks in the movement in general, and he has been for almost 30 years. If you’re gonna put your trust in dope hip hop anywhere, put it in the mastermind behind Public Enemy. Download the free RAPstation app for your iPhone and live large.

RAPstation - BTN East

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