RAPstation INSTradio: Nonstop Instrumentals

I got a fucking gamechanger for y’all today.

Remember when I told y’all about RAPstation and told you to go download the app? Well if you didn’t listen to me then, you better go and do it right now. I’m serious, drop whatever you’re doing and go download the RAPstation app, because it’s now a necessity for any hip hop fan. Why am I pushing this so hard? Because they now have a station called INSTradio which plays nonstop instrumentals, no vocals, “25 hours a day and 8 days a week.” This changes everything.

RAPstation - BTN East

What’s so dope about instrumentals?

RAPstationWell first of all, these aren’t just random beats or anything, but the instrumentals of some of the dopest rap tracks we’ve heard these past few decades. They play nonstop, with no vocals (except for vocal samples in the instrumentals themselves) and no interruptions so you’re just getting straight instrumentals. If you’re trynna freestyle alone or with some friends, this is the shit you’ve been looking for, because you can just put the station on and spit without having to worry about picking the next beat or anything. It also tells you what the instrumental is, so if you dig it you can go download it or whatever.

What if you don’t freestyle?

Well, if you love hip hop at all but don’t freestyle, this is still the shit for you. If you ever wanted to read or study with hip hop in the background but the rap was too distracting, now you’re set. If you wanna fall asleep to music but want it to keep playing and don’t want any vocals, just put INSTradio on and let it do all the work. This is only  a small number of its possible uses, but the main thing to keep in mind is that if you ever want nonstop hip hop but without the rap, INSTradio on RAPstation is 100% for you.

Why didn’t anyone think of this earlier?

This shit is fucking genius and pretty much necessary for any hip hop fan. Shit, I got INSTradio on right now in the background while I write this, because I don’t have to worry about picking the next track and I also don’t have the vocal distractions you sometimes get from rap. Did I mention it’s free? Go download it and start nodding your head to some fire beats. And because its free, go make anyone you know who you think might enjoy it (whether they love to freestyle or just love hip hop) download it and start living the high life.

RAPstation - BTN East

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