Recent Hip Hop Albums, Ranked

We’ve been lucky recently.

Some great hip hop albums have come out in the last few weeks, but how are they? Well, To Pimp A Butterfly is incredible but it’ll be talked about for a long time. What about since then?

3 pretty dope, one a bit doper.

Earl Sweatshirt - I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go OutsideSo Action Bronson, Earl Sweatshirt, Ludacris and Wale have all given the world full albums in the last 2 weeks. They are Mr. Wonderful, I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside, Ludaversal and The Album About Nothing, respectively. None of them flopped or anything, but personally I really think Earl’s was just a bit better than the rest. I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside just really doesn’t have any missteps.

The other 3 were good, with Action Bronson joking around but also doing interesting things musically, Luda mixing the old with the new, and Wale innovating with the role Jerry Seinfeld played on his album. When albums like these are coming out and not making that many waves, you know it’s a damn good time for hip hop. I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside is the tightest of the 4 though, maybe cause of its length.

Quality over quantity

Earl’s album is the shortest of them all, but that helps make it the tightest. There aren’t any parts that get you even a little bored, even if there aren’t really any parts that get you super hype either. It’s not only consistent but pretty varied too, with the beat switching it up a lot (especially to finish every track) and with Earl not sounding exactly like he usually does.

Luda does it too though.

Ludacris - LudaversalEven though I gave Ludaversal the same grade as Action Bronson and Wale’s albums, I liked it just a bit more. Luda shows he’s still got it on the album, rapping fast as ever. He also adds in some newer sounds so it’s not just like his early 2000s stuff again. Even though Luda’s got a great acting career, dude can still rap. If you liked old Luda, you’ll probably wanna give Ludaversal a listen or two. Finally, of the last two, I’d put The Album About Nothing just a little above Mr. Wonderful (no disrespect though Action.)

Which is your favorite?

Of the albums that have come out since Kendrick’s, which do you think is the best? Maybe one I didn’t even review or mention here, and if so let me know. Hip hop’s been good to us in 2015, and April just started. Oh, and not to mention that we can expect Kanye’s album almost certainly sometime in 2015. Not bad, huh?

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