The spot for dope ways to listen to dope albums, and a few other things.

Looking for a gift for the hip hop head in your life? We’ve picked plenty of those for you. Want the cheapest headphones that’ll actually sound good when you’re bumping some fire? We got those for you too. Whether you’re looking or a hip hop wallet or some hip hop socks, you’ll find something you like here.

Spit Talking Bible


Gifts For Hip Hop Heads: 2015 Edition

Dope Hip Hop Apps We’ve Seen

Scope This Free Beat App: Keezy Drummer

RapKey: The iPhone’s Hip Hop Keyboard

 RAPstation: Hip Hop in Your Pocket

Get That Drake Keyboard: Drizzy App

The Hip Hop App We All Need: RapChat

Download Free Hip Hop Music and Enjoy

Buy Yourself Some Cheap Hip Hop Clothing

Buy Hip Hop on Vinyl and Live Large

Buy Some Old School Hip Hop Hats

 The Dopest Hip Hop Belt Buckles

 Rap Gift Ideas: Socks, Wallets and Beyond

 Hip Hop Books

 Make Hip Hop Beats Free: Auxy: Beat Studio

 Hip Hop: Cars Edition (Part 3)

 Hip Hop: Cars Edition (Part 2)

 Hip Hop: Cars Edition (Part 1)

 Hip Hop Hoodies and Hip Hop Tees

 Rap on Vinyl

 Hip Hop/ Rap Posters

 Comics about Hip Hop: Hip Hop Family Tree

Best Movies With Rappers (Will Smith doesn’t count)

Hip Hop Gift Ideas: Hook a Friend Up

 Holiday Studying: Gifts for Hip Hop Heads

Sennheiser HD201s (My favorite cheap headphones)

Stay tuned and keep checking back!

Spit Talking

2 comments on “Recommendations

  1. Drea December 4, 2014 11:00 pm

    These are wicked awesome headphones for sure! Are these ones open back?

    • Joaquin December 4, 2014 11:07 pm

      Ooh, great question. These are actually closed back, so, you know, good for the bus or the library and such! But yeah I seriously think they blow all the competition at $20 out of the water.

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