Russell Simmons and the Hip Hop Musical

Hip Hop is coming to the world of musicals!

According to Variety, in a few years we can expect to see a musical about hip hop in New York. Maybe white people will start liking hip hop now (I mean BESIDES Eminem and Macklemore.) Russell Simmons is developing a hip hop musical called The Scenario, and bringing in some big guns to help make it happen. Let’s see what big Russ (aka DA GAWD who brought us Def Jam) has got for us.

The team

Russell Simmons


So Russell Simmons is the man behind this all, but he’s not gonna do it alone. He’s bringing in the producer of Rock of Ages, which ran on Broadway for more than 5 years and was pretty much what The Scenario will try to do, except with rock (obviously) instead of hip hop. He’s also bringing in Dan Charnas (who wrote “The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip-Hop”) to write the story. This team alone is great, because right there we got folks who know all about hip hop and also folks who know about musicals, so this is gonna be a dope production.

What is it though?

So it’s gonna be a musical about the Golden Age of hip hop, the mid ’80s to the mid ’90s. That right there makes me wanna see this shit. A musical that runs from the time of LL Cool J and Run-DMC to the glory days of Nas and Biggie? Sign me the fuck up. Shit, it’s ridiculous that no one’s done something like this yet, considering how much mad dope music came out of those years.

When’s this shit dropping?



So they’re trynna get it in New York in late 2016, and they’re not necessarily trying for Broadway or anything. It doesn’t matter, because hip hop almost feels like it belongs off-Broadway anyways, because of what it represents and where it came from. It would be dope to see the greatest genre out there to get its props on the big stages of Broadway, though, so regardless of which theatre it’s at you can expect me in New York around late 2016. The most important part is it’ll be in New York, where hip hop was born and where it flourished.

Hip Hop’s doing good.

First Baz Luhrmann’s trynna get hip hop on Netflix, and now we can expect a stage musical. It makes sense, cause I mean hip hop is music and storytelling, and that’s what musicals are so it’s a perfect combination, really. After The Scenario finishes its run, they could even turn right around and make The Scenario 2 about the mid ’90s to the mid ’00s (or even just the mid ’90s to 2000.) Basically, I’m holding out until we can get a musical that involves Mos Def (hopefully playing himself.)

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