Scope That New Earl Sweatshirt – Quest/Power

Earl Sweatshirt just dropped a track.

It’s called quest/power. It doesn’t sound exactly lke anything Earl’s ever done, but it has a similar gloomy kind of back alley vibe. It sounds like some of his older shit, but without the shock lyrics. Dude also sounds a lot older.

Scope quest/power on soundcloud.

The beat starts familiar

Earl Sweatshirt


So this track is with Earl, Budgie and Samiyam (both on the production). That means Tyler didn’t handle the production for this track, like he did for most of Earl’s older sht (although he didn’t do all of Doris.) Even though it’s not Tyler, the beat kicks in with an Odd Future-like dark vibe, with a little bit of a spacey feel. If you’ve ever heard Earl, you know this type of shit is perfect for his laid-back flow.

He delivers that laid-back flow as you’d expect him to, but without really going off on extended thought flows. It’s kind of a personal track, which seems to be the most comfortable spot for Earl. For the first half of the track it seems to be pretty standard for Earl: laid back with dope rhymes in neat patterns, a mad chill flow and a sleepy/spacey beat backing him up.

From quest to power

About halfway through, Earl takes a little break and the beat slows down even more. Then Earl does something I’ve never really heard from him as the beat gets choppy. He starts going in with a staccato type flow, and combined with the beat change the whole track all of a sudden sounds like it’s something out of Staten Island that RZA mixed. I guess this is why the track is called quest/power, this transition is dope.

Earl Sweatshirt


Now, I love Earl, and especially his flow. I think he’s one of the most natural rappers of all time and he’s got a mad dope, unique sound. His albums sound only like his albums, but his tracks can sometime blend into each other because of his hypnotic flow. This staccato switch-up sounds almost like a different rapper though, and Earl all of a sudden sounds more raw and emotional and generally hardened somehow.

Earl’s next album will be dope

If this is a single off Earl’s next album, I can’t wait for it to drop. Is this track a transition from slow, sleepy Earl to a harder, more energetic Earl? Is it just a showcase of how he’s gonna switch it up in the next album? Is it just a one-time thing? Hopefully not, because if Earl can take his natural talent and add some different flows to his repertoire, along with keeping the dope lyrical content (like he does in quest/power) he’s gonna be gunning for a top spot in the game.

What do you think this means for Earl’s next album?

Thanks for reading, I’m mad excited.

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