Scope This Free Beat App: Keezy Drummer

Ever wanna make a beat quick?

Maybe you’re a producer and you have a beat in your head that you wanna get down quick somewhere. Maybe you’re a rapper and you need a beat to write to/freestyle to, but you don’t wanna spend too much time making a beat. Maybe you just wanna fuck around with some beats. In any of these cases, Keezy Drummer is the app for you. It’s completely free with no in app purchases, so if you got an iPhone you should really go scope it. If you need convincing though, let me tell you about it.

Keezy Drummer - Elepath, Inc

The interface

Keezy Drummer HomeKeezy is maybe the most intuitive beat-making app I’ve seen yet. That right there is the home screen, with each circle representing a different drum sound. You can choose from Kick, Snare, Fat Snare, Closed Hi-Hat, Open Hi-Hat, Blip, Blop, Hah, Clap, Click, Snap, Shake, Tambourine and Bomb. They’re all crisp-sounding, and you can have up to 9 different ones going at once. You can actually make pretty complex beats with this shit, even though they’re real repetitive. This makes it a good starting step for producers, and it’s also just enough for rappers looking to make a quick simple beat.

Keezy Drummer PadThen when you tap inside each circle you have 16 circles so you can place hits of whatever drum you got going. That’s it, it couldn’t be any more simple. This is probably the easiest way to make a quick repetitive beat there is. Again, you’re not gonna be able to use this in a track or anything (you can’t export or save beats, although a beat will stay up on the app even if you close out), but it’s perfect for getting a beat from your head to actual sounds, or for giving yourself a backing to write rap or freestyle. The makers of it claim that there’s no tutorial because you don’t need one, and it’s hard to argue.

Simplicity is key

Keezy Drummer BPMIt’s so simple because there’s really not much you can do. Again, you can get up to 9 drum tracks going at once, you can choose between 14 drum sounds, and you can change the BPM. Along with deleting tracks and playing/pausing, that’s the extent of the app. It works because it’s completely minimalistic, so it’s a distraction-free way to get some ideas going on a beat. The fact that it’s totally free helps too, so it’s pretty much the first tool folks should go to when they’re tossing around a beat in their head.

Go have some fun.

I’m serious, this shit is free and it’s 3 damn megabytes, so you and your phone can afford it. It’s so simple that it’s fun, and it’s pretty much an advanced metronome app that does the few things it tries to perfectly. For a free minimalistic beat app, you can’t get much better than Keezy Drummer.

Keezy Drummer - Elepath, Inc

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