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You a fan of Talib Kweli?

Talib Kweli


Of course you are. He’s one of the best rappers of all time, and as known/beloved for his solo work as he is for his work with Mos Def (Black Star.) He’s a classic rapper who’s still grinding hard and changing the game. Anyways, if you like Talib, you gotta scope #kweliclub.

Don’t sleep on his recent shit

Generally, folks think of Talib as just a legend from the ’90s (and early 2000s.) While his old shit was mad dope and what made him big, he’s put out some of the dopest albums of the last few years too. For example, I bet you don’t know that he put out 2 albums in 2013 alone, Prisoner of Conscious and Gravitas.

Prisoner of Conscious

Talib Kweli - Prisoner of ConsciousPrisoner of Conscious came out in May 2013, and was Talib’s last album under a major label. It’s a generally smooth album that goes a little harder in a few spots but is mad enjoyable all the way through. It has a lot of features, with Kweli bringing both older and newer guys in on his shine, including Nelly, Kendrick, Miguel and Busta Rhymes, and RZA and J Cole (amongst others) on the production. This album’s a good listen for a lot of moods, and you should buy it if you like any of Talib’s shit.

Prisoner of Conscious - Talib Kweli


Talib Kweli - GravitasReleased in December 2013, Gravitas was a little different, mainly because it was his first off a major label. It also has a dope feature line-up, including Big K.R.I.T., Raekwon, The Underachievers and Black Thought. For this release, Talib started #kweliclub so he could sell the album and keep more profits that the major label didn’t get this time. Hit up the site, and pick up the album or some dope merch. Gravitas starts with a powerful message about distribution models, and it bumps all the way through. If you got any dumb ass friends who run their mouth about the Illuminati, just show them The Wormhole and they’ll shut up.


#kweliclub is kind of just a fan site for Talib, but it was also the only place to get Gravitas right when it released. With #kweliclub, Talib’s basically selling the music himself, so even if he sells less he still gets a lot more of the profits. So if you buy something from there, you’re putting more money in the rapper’s hand than you usually do. Also, you’ll get a personal email to Talib only for members of #kweliclub, so that’s pretty dope.

#kweliclub catalog

Also, members get emails telling them about upcoming music being released either by Talib or one of the other dope artists he’s putting on. Members also get exclusive videos sent to them and sometimes even free downloads of singles from upcoming albums. If you’re gonna buy an album anyways, you might as well do it where you give the artist more money and get a personal connection to Talib himself.

Anyways, just remember Talib’s still killing it.

One of the best rappers from one of hip hop’s golden ages, Talib’s still going hard, putting out dope albums and putting on other dope artists. He even started a legal defense fund for Ferguson protestors and went down there himself during the protests. Dude backs up what he says, and I respect the shit out of that.

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