Season of Nasir is Dropping This Summer

Nas’s new album is coming soon.

It’ll be his 11th album (11th!) and his first since 2012. We know it’s gonna be called Season of Nasir, and it’s not a surprise or anything but it’s nice to get something close to a date. Nas said it was dropping this summer at a concert, but we don’t have an actual date or anything. Regardless, it means we’re getting a new album from one of the dopest rappers in just a few months. It’s never too early to start getting hype.

Life is Good

Nas - Life is GoodSo this is gonna be Nas’s first album in 3 years, and like Life is Good, it’s gonna drop in the summer. That worked real well for Life is Good, from the bangers to the more laid back tracks, cause Nas just generally sounds like he’s rapping about the summer most of the time. Illmatic dropped in April 1994, but it was pretty close to the summer and it’s got that vibe. It Was Written dropped in the summer, but Stillmatic and God’s Son dropped in December, so maybe I’m just full of shit.

Anyways, Life is Good is one of Nas’s dopest albums, and he really goes as hard as ever on some of the tracks, like World’s An Addiction, Loco-Motive, Queen’s Story and Accident Murderers. If you’re not sure whether or not Nas has still got it, you obviously haven’t listened to Life is Good, cause if anything he’s gotten quicker, not to mention even smarter. This is a good sign for Season of Nasir, cause he’s not just dropping some trash to keep making cash but actually working on dope music.

Season of Nasir



Anyways, I don’t think Nas was just chilling 2 and a half years then one day decided to start making an album again. He might not have been working on this shit for 3 straight years or anything, but I bet he’s been thinking on these tracks for a while. Nas is one of the greatest, and he proved on his last album that he can not only still rap, but he can go even harder now than he did when he was 20. The second this shit becomes available on iTunes to preorder, I’ma drop the cash for it then come here to give y’all the heads up.

It’s gonna be dope.

Nas consistently puts out dope albums, and his last one, Life is Good, was even better than most of his shit. This gives us reason to think Season of Nasir is gonna be real dope, just cause Nas can definitely still bring it. I’ma be waiting on this shit hard until the summer, so good thing we’re close.

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