Some of the Latest Hip Hop News

Latest Hip Hop News, February Edition

So as usual some shit’s been going down in hip hop. We got some album sale numbers, some album release info and some other stuff for you. Let us catch you up with some recent hip hop news.

The Pinkprint hits 500,000

Nicki Minaj - The PinkprintSo Nicki Minaj’s most recent album has hit 500,000 copies sold, which means it’s a gold certification for her. It came out December 12 last year, and it sold 244,000 in its first week, so it took about 9-10 weeks to hit half a million. Now, as a comparison, Drake sold over 500,000 copies of If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late in its first week. Why so much more for Drake than Nicki, or really most other rappers? Was it because it’s just Drake, or because it was a surprise mixtape?

Now, Nothing Was The Same hit a bit over 300,000 in its first week, which is a lot but nowhere near half a million, so maybe it’s not just because Drake’s Drake. So is it because Drake dropped it as a surprise out of nowhere? I think so, but also in the way he specifically did it. By just randomly dropping it with the album artwork and a link to iTunes, he got a lot of people who weren’t thinking about buying anything to end up in front of a new Drake album which they’d heard nothing about and a buy button for it. For many people (including me, shit), it was too hard to pass up the temptation.

Ghostface Killah X BADBADNOTGOOD

So Ghostface Killah and BADBADNOTGOOD are about to drop their long-awaited album, Sour Soul, as it comes out tomorrow (February 24th.) Ghostface has a history of releasing dope shit, and BADBADNOTGOOD is just generally dope, so it’ll be interesting to see what we get when they’re combined. Be on the lookout for a review of it here on Spit Talking.

Bobby Shmurda mad at Epic Records

Bobby Shmurda


So in case you haven’t heard, Bobby Shmurda supposedly actually caught a body and has been in jail for a bit now waiting on a $2 million bail. When he got snatched, everyone thought Epic Records would make his bail quick, and Desus and Mero were even joking about how he’d be fine but Epic wouldn’t do shit for Rowdy Rebel. Well, they still haven’t done shit for Bobby Shmurda, and he’s understandably upset about it and will try to get out of his contract.

Thanks for reading.

You know we always got the crucial hip hop news for y’all here at Spit Talking, and I appreciate you reading. Also, I just gotta say that I’m pretty sure Epic would be bailing out a non-rapper no matter what the charges, but that’s none of my business. Stay tuned here at Spit Talking for more hip hop news!

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