Suge Knight and Other Hip Hop Happenings

In case you haven’t heard, Suge Knight’s been in the news recently…

Suge Knight, the founder of Death Row Records and a man with a notorious history (to put it nicely) in hip hop was recently involved in a fatal hit and run. Rumors are flying around, including that maybe it had something to do with beef with Dr. Dre. But the main story here is that Suge Knight was in a car and someone died. Here are some other things that are currently happening in hip hop right now, apparently.

Big and Puff


  • Speaking of Notorious, B.I.G. is doing just fine and him and Puff Daddy continue to make great music at Bad Boy Records. That partnership is sure to last a long time and we look forward to Biggie’s next few albums. And if I know anything about hip hop, I know that “Puff Daddy” will be the name ruling hip hop 10 years from now. Bet on it.


  • 2 promising up-and-coming Brooklyn rappers named Mos Def and Talib Kweli have joined forces and started working on an album. The group appears to be called “Black Star” and their album will be self-titled. We look forward to their album and the many others they’re sure to release.
Nas and Jay Z


  • Nas and Jay-Z are both on top of the rap game and straight killing it right now. With Nas and Jay-Z flexing their lyrical muscle in Illmatic and Reasonable Doubt, respectively, a collaboration is probably in the cards. Their careers are only going up and they’re sure to link up for an album to rule New York. I’m sure the turn of the century will see a great creative partnership between the two mic rockers.


  • In non hip hop (well, not exactly hip hop) related news, folks are waiting on D’Angelo’s new album. Ever since rocking the R&B world with his debut album Brown Sugar, D’Angelo has kept the fans waiting for a few years now. Hopefully after his next release D’Angelo won’t keep the fans waiting a few years again for his next album.
Yo! MTV Raps


  • Yo! MTV Raps looks like it might be coming back on the air soon. The beloved program was cancelled last year. Looks like music will rule MTV for the future ahead.

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