Surprise Freddie Gibbs EP – Pronto

Gangsta Gibbs dropped an EP

The EP is called Pronto, and it’s only got 3 tracks.  The album cover has a Gibbs of a different color for each track on the EP. Freddie Gibbs dropped it for the fans who are waiting for his next album after the mad dope work he and Madlib did on Piñata. Shit’s only 3 bucks so you know I had to buy it to let y’all know how it is. I never expect anything less than dope from Freddie Gibbs, and this EP delivers. The beats are pretty varied but mostly keep it chill, while Freddie Gibbs shows off how versatile he is with his flexible flow. For less than $5 this is a nice EP for when you’re just trynna kick it.

Freddie Gibbs - Pronto

Get ready for the best 12 minutes of your day.


The EP starts with the titular track, a slow spacey vibe and Gibbs asking “what you trippin on?” The beat comes in hard, and Gibbs start spitting some shit about how dope but also real he and his life are. His flow is a little different than that typical flow where he’s real neat and doesn’t leave any vowel unrhymed. I love that flow, but it’s dope to hear him switch it up and kill it in the process. From the first track, he confirms that his delivery is maybe the dopest in the game. This is the hypest track on the EP, but because of the spacey vibe it stays pretty chill.

White Range

Freddie Gibbs smoking


White Range starts with that dark back alley vibe, but then it smooths out a bit into some jazzier shit. It sets the chill tone for Gibbs to lay that smoking track down while his incense burns. If all stoner rap was this dope, the world would be a better place, cause Gangsta Gibbs is just on a higher level than most of these weed rappers. He switches between boastful to introspective on this track, but the beat keeps it on some sleepy shit the whole time. This is the dopest track on Pronto, and if you’re like me you’ll probably be listening to it a lot for a bit.

Diamonds (feat. Dana Williams)

The last track on the EP (remember, it’s only 3 tracks) keeps it slow, which means this shit is for when you’re cooling and not trynna get hype or anything, even while Gibbs talks about how he’s grinding for them diamonds or packing for them soldiers. Then he speeds up a bit while the beat stays slow before he drops back down to the clouds. This is pretty representative of the whole EP: the beats stay mad chill (besides the first track, which still lays pretty low) while Gibbs alternates between cooling and going hard. Pronto just tells us what we already knew– that he’s one of the best rappers in the game at any speed. Dana Williams closes the EP with some nice backing vocals, bringing some soul into the track.

Pronto is dope.

The surprise EP from Freddie Gibbs definitely delivers, and fans should be happy. In fact, the only thing that’s really disappointing about this is how short it is, but I don’t hold that against Gibbs or anything, I just wish there were more tracks. I seriously listened to this shit like 3 times in a row cause it’s so short but so dope. It definitely makes me wish his album would come out now, and it’s a smart way for Freddie Gibbs to make sure folks don’t forget about him cause he’s undeniably dope. If you got $3, might as well throw it to one of the hottest rappers doing it.

Pronto - EP - Freddie Gibbs

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