T.I. Has Finally Announced ATL 2!

Dreams really do come true, y’all.

9 years ago, a movie called ATL dropped. Aside from T.I. and Big Boi’s dope performances, it was a story of love, adolescence, trust, figuring out how you are and who you wanna be. Shit’s mad real and it’s basically the Friday of the early 2000s (or the closest we’ve got.) Since it came out, there have been rumors (some more legit than others) of a sequel. Well, the man himself (T.I.) has finally ended the wait, announcing the sequel on Instagram. Read on if you’re not sure yet why this is so dope.


ATLSo ATL is a classic joint and it’s one of the best rapper movies out there, along with How High (funnily enough, they share a character — Esquire/I Need Money.) It’s mad funny but it also makes a lot of serious points about what it is to be real. Basically, it’s a tragedy set in Atlanta (Mechanicsville, specifically) that doesn’t end up all that sad, but it’s just real. Like Friday, it does a great job showing the lighter and darker sides of the hood.


So T.I. is the main character in ATL, and it’s almost like a biography of him if he was younger and doodled instead of rapped. T.I.’s gotten a lot more famous since 2006 (along with a lot more experienced with the law), but the whole time folks have been waiting for ATL 2. The only way T.I. could fuck this up is by starring Iggy Azalea in it, and I wouldn’t be that surprised so I’ma just hold my breath till I see it. Seriously bruh, you gotta cut that shit out.



Photo: mobo.com

Anyways, T.I. foreshadowed the announcement by Instagramming some shots from the set, starting with a poster showing Rashad’s crew from ATL, and then followed by him with just New New. Just the fact that they’ll all be there shows it’ll be the same tone as the first movie, which is great. It’ll probably follow them after graduating from high school (which is where ATL ended), following Rashad as a cartoonist and his friends in college/doing their other shit. It’s perfect because ATL ended in a way that they could have either just left it there, or they could pick it up and run with it whenever they wanted, no problem. Hopefully it has all the shit we loved from ATL, and even though it’s early it looks like it will.

Get hyped.

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4 comments on “T.I. Has Finally Announced ATL 2!

  1. Peter March 5, 2015 8:03 am

    They best bring back Uncle George

    • Joaquin March 5, 2015 12:13 pm

      Word is it would have been done years ago but they kept holding out for ol Uncle George

      • Peter March 5, 2015 12:25 pm

        He was holding out for it to be called “Uncle George and the ATL Boyz”, but management held firm

        • Joaquin March 5, 2015 9:14 pm

          The ATL 3: Teddy, Brooklyn and Uncle George was put on hold because they realized it was perfect for the 3rd movie in the series

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