Target Versus Tyler, The Creator

Cherry Bomb dropped a bit ago.

Tyler, the Creator dropped his most recent album, Cherry Bomb, about 2 weeks ago and it’s been tearing up the charts since. The digital version came out first, and the CD release came after. Target isn’t too happy about that, so they’re not gonna sell Cherry Bomb at their stores. Tyler tweeted this out because he wasn’t happy, but ultimately said oh well. That’s about right.

It’s 2015

Tyler, The Creator - Cherry BombAs Tyler put it, this is ridiculous because it’s 2015. Especially when it comes to hip hop, the amount of albums that are sold digitally are a big percentage of the sales numbers. It’s also getting more and more common for the digital version to come out before the physical version, whether it’s a surprise early release or not. It’s obviously not just Tyler, cause they did this to Beyonce too with her last album. Considering they did it to fucking Beyonce, you know they’re out of their minds.┬áBut seriously, it’s not even like it’s taking away sales.

People either only buy digital, or they only buy physical, or they get both digital and physical copies of their favorite shit. They don’t really directly compete with each other. I mean, it’s not like someone who was going to buy the Cherry Bomb CD decided not to when it dropped early on iTunes. That type of person probably just bought the digital version (or just waited), and then went and bought the CD. I just really can’t see Target losing money because of it, so it makes me think it’s on some petty shit, where Target feels slighted that they weren’t in on the release from the beginning.

Deal with it

Target CD


If Target really wants to set themselves up as the spot to get new albums, they should stop bitching and just make it the smart choice to buy CDs from Target rather than anywehere else. Whether it’s through the release of exclusive tracks, album artwork, or extras (like posters or handwritten lyrics), there are plenty of ways to give a retailer an advantage that isn’t based on the time of release. In the future, instead of complaining about this shit, Target should make themselves the place to pick up dope new music.

Anyways, Tyler will be alright.

Cherry Bomb is tearing up the charts, and even though the opinions about it vary, people are praising Tyler for his boldness and creativity. These have always been his strong suits, and it’s dope to see how many real different-sounding albums he’s made considering he’s still so young. Whether or not Target sells his CDs, he’ll live.

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