The Hip Hop App We All Need: RapChat

Snapchat, meet rap.

If you’ve ever used Snapchat to freestyle (which is easily the dopest use of Snapchat), you might dig RapChat. It’s basically like Snapchat, as in you send short things to your friends, except in this case it’s not pictures/videos but freestyles. This is the hip hop app (for iPhone) you never knew you needed but won’t be able to live without. Whether you just wanna practice your freestyle or you wanna take it to someone, this app is for you.

Rapchat - freestyle over a beat and send it to friends - RapChat, LLC

Pick a friend

RapChat LogoSo this shit is pretty simple without any bullshit, which is always nice. The first thing you gotta do is pick someone you’re about to freestyle to/roast. I mean, I guess you don’t have to roast them, but I don’t know why you wouldn’t. Anyways, you can connect through Facebook if you wanna see who on your friend list has the app, and then like snapchat you can send it to one person or multiple people, depending on how confident you’re feeling. You can also post your shit to Facebook or Twitter.

Pick a beat

Then there’s a bunch of beats you can pick from, and it takes a second to download them but it’s pretty quick searching through them. Most of them are around 40 seconds, with some being 10 seconds shorter or longer. They’re not submitted or anything, so you can’t add any of your own which kind of sucks but it’s not that bad. The beats are pretty dope actually, and there’s a decent amount of them (with more occasionally being added) with enough variety to spit different type of shit.


Inside RapChatOnce you got your audience and your backing, it’s time to record. You can record as many times as you want, but don’t be a punk, you gotta send in the 1st one if you wanna be real. It’s really simple and takes about a second to learn, so at this point it’s all about how good you are at freestyling. My advice: just jump in without having 2 lines ready to go or something, because then you won’t get stuck after that and you can just flow.

Download it for free and enjoy!

Did I mention the best part? Well this is free which is dope because then you can try it and convince your dumbass friends to try it too (so you can practice on them before getting to the big leagues) at no cost. Download RapChat and settle all your scores through freestyle, the way god intended. The more people download this shit the better it’ll be, so spread the word! And if folks aren’t convinced, send them to Spit Talking.

Rapchat - freestyle over a beat and send it to friends - RapChat, LLC

Spit Talking

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