The Return of Frank Ocean: Memrise Review

Frank is back.

Frank Ocean has released a new track, Memrise. It’s the first solo Frank since he dropped Channel Orange and changed the game. If you like Frank, scope this.

Frank Ocean - nostalgia, ultra

If you liked this mixtape (or Channel Orange, really), you’ll dig this track.

Read on for my Memrise review.

It’s not exactly like he went anywhere (unlike Earl — who is definitely free now), but we haven’t heard anything solo from Frank Ocean in a while. Well that changed over thanksgiving weekend, in case you were looking for something to be thankful for. The track is Memrise.

The track draws you in instantly.

The song starts with a beat that is unexpected but very dope, much like Pusha T’s Numbers on the Boards. From the beginning, it sounds like Frank is showing you this track on his phone he’s been working on. The lo-fi quality is perfect for his voice, and the song’s length (just under 2 minutes) adds to the intimacy. The song is almost a perfect cross-section of the trademarks of his mixtape nostalgia, ultra and his album Channel Orange. It’s undoubtedly the same Frank Ocean you’ve been waiting on for 2 years, but in a way you’ve never exactly heard him before.

About halfway through, there’s a sudden yet somehow subtle shift.

Frank adopts a choppy flow about a minute in, just in case you weren’t sure if he’s been listening to recent rap tracks or not. He does not do it for long enough, and you wish he would go for about 7 minutes like that. That sums up how I feel about the song: the only thing I don’t like about it is the length. The length of the song is perfect for the vibe (and would fit right in on nostalgia, ultra), don’t get me wrong, I’m just selfish.

All in all, Memrise just makes me want to hear Frank Ocean’s upcoming album as soon as possible.

If you have not heard it, go do so right now. The track is definitely dope. It also really makes me wonder what Frank’s next album will be like. Channel Orange was a bit more atmospheric and a bit less raw than nostalgia, ultra was, but Memrise doesn’t really tip you off too much about what his next album will be like, but this is all we got. So scope it then let me know what you think in the comments!

Frank Ocean – Memrise (Soundcloud)

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