TLC Hits Kickstarter For Their Final Album

The 2 remaining members of TLC are hitting up Kickstarter for their final album.

They’re doing it for a very good reason: full creative control.

TLC Kickstarter

So why Kickstarter?

TLCWell if you don’t know by now, Kickstarter is where people go to fund shit through fan donations, and then people who donated get some reward based on their contribution. TLC (the excellent group behind No Scrubs, Waterfalls, and many other hits) came to Kickstarter to retain creative control. They didn’t wanna the final decisions to be in a major label’s hands, so they’re turning to the fans. This is mad dope, and I think more artists are wanting to get away from the major labels, and Kickstarter is not the only way but seems to be good way for established folks (like Spike Lee, who isn’t a rapper but I mean it’s Spike.

Lisa Lopes (rest in peace) is of course absent for the album, and sadly her dope verses will be too. T-Boz and Chilli wanted their first album with just the two of them (and TLC’s last album) to be completely up to them and the fans, and I think it’s still definitely worth supporting. They figure with $150,000 they can make the album themselves and not have to worry about answering to anyone or compromising their vision.

TLC T-Boz and ChilliThey have a month to raise the money, and they’ve already gotten about half of it in a day. It looks like they’ll definitely raise the money they need, and probably a lot more than they asked for. They have a bunch of different rewards ranging from the $5 tier to the thousands of dollars tier. The one most people probably want is $15 for the final digital album once it’s completed. I mean this is the same price or a little bit more than the album would sell for anyways, so might as well contribute to the artists vision of making it like they want, and getting the album anyways. Think of it like a preorder.

So if you wanna support TLC, go chip in to their Kickstarter (even though it looks like they’ll for sure raise the original $150,000 they asked for).

Lisa Lopes will be missed, but it seems like they wanna do this one album to send off TLC forever. It’s their first album as a duo, and TLC’s final album. If you wanna chip in, you can donate whatever, but check out the rewards first. $15 and you get the album once it’s done.

TLC Kickstarter

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      Do me a favor, Peter. Don’t go chasing waterfalls.

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