Tyler, The Creator’s Next Album: Cherry Bomb

Tyler, The Creator has announced his next album.

His new album is called Cherry Bomb, and it’s dropping real soon, on April 13. You can preorder it on iTunes for 11 bucks, and you’ll get 2 tracks right now (DEATHCAMP and FUCKING YOUNG/PERFECT, then 11 more when the album actually drops) if you do. It makes sense that Tyler’s dropping some shit, considering Earl just dropped I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside and Frank’s dropping (what might be called) Boys Don’t Cry sometime in July. Let’s see what the album might be like.

Cherry Bomb - Tyler, The Creator

The 2 tracks we know of

Tyler, The Creator - Cherry BombSo like I said, there’s already 2 tracks out on iTunes from Cherry Bomb that you get if you preorder. Y’all know I preordered that shit, so I got DEATHCAMP (the first track) and FUCKING YOUNG/PERFECT on my phone right now. DEATHCAMP is like Tyler’s take on Yeezus, a hard-edged track with mostly electric guitar providing the beat. It’s definitely got that dark Tyler vibe, but it’s somehow different. If you like Tyler’s shit or not, you gotta scope DEATHCAMP. It’ll be a hell of an intro to the album.

FUCKING YOUNG/PERFECT is the 10th track, and it’s real different, showing that Tyler’s gonna be jumping around genres again like he did in Wolf. This sounds like R&B more than anything, even with the weird shit about temptation calling and how this girl’s perfect but way too fucking young. Again, it kind of sounds like some shit Tyler’s done before, but mostly it sounds different. Then with about 2 and a half minutes left (it’s a 6 and a half minute song) it switches up into some different R&B shit, and it sounds real good.

So what can we expect from Cherry Bomb?

Tyler the Creator - WolfWell, again, I think we can expect a lot of different sounds, cause Tyler’s diverse musical tastes seem to have only gotten wider. Old fans will feel comfortable with the general atmosphere, but there’s a lot of new shit Tyler’s picked up with experience. Think of the direction he took his career in with Wolf, and then imagine him doing that again, but even more experimental but polished at the same time. Also, don’t expect too much of a focus on the rap, cause it looks like it’ll be about the beats and singing more than anything. Then again, Wolf had tracks like this but also had hot ass verses, so I guess we’ll see in a few days.

Check back then.

Whether or not you decide to preorder, make sure to check back here at Spit Talking for the review in a few days once the album actually drops. I was wondering when Tyler would drop his next shit, but I didn’t expect it to be this soon. Then again, we’ve been real lucky with all the good hip hop this year. As for Cherry Bomb, I can’t wait to see what he does with it.

Cherry Bomb - Tyler, The Creator

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