Unexpected Hip Hop Collabs

Recently, there have been a lot of dope collabs in hip hop.

And sure, some of them have been two dope rappers or a dope rapper and a dope producer. Others, though, have been between someone in hip hop and someone who doesn’t have anything to do with hip hop. These are the ones we’re interested in, because they give hip hop a wider audience, they introduce hip hop listeners to new shit, and in good examples they’re just hot tracks.

Kanye West and…

Kanye West

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Kanye is maybe the best example I’m talking about here. Just a few days ago, he released a track with Paul McCartney, Only One, which left a lot of people surprised but digging it. He also remixed a song of Lorde’s, Flicker, which ended up on the new Hunger Games soundtrack.

Bon Iver

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Not to mention the multiple songs on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy that somehow involved Bon Iver. He was a featured vocalist on some (Monster), and his song just served as the basis for Kanye’s track on others (Lost in the World.) I don’t think anyone expected dude from Wisconsin to team up with Kanye West himself, but it worked damn well.

Big Boi and Phantogram

Big Boi

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In Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, Big Boi has Phantogram on several of his songs. He hs a few other indie rock collaborations, but Phantogram was clearly who he wanted on the album most. I never would have seen it coming, but it works mad well. You got slightly electro indie beats with Big Boi’s dope ass verses over them, and it just goes off.

I mean, Outkast was already mad experimental and they never stuck to classic boom bap, but this is something else. I’ve said this before about the album as a whole, but while I wouldn’t want all hip hop to star sounding like it, it’s mad dope for the few collabs they did. Big Boi has always been a tastemaker, so it makes sense that he’s willing to try new shit and it makes even more sense that it bumps.

Vic Mensa and Thundercat

Vic Mensa

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Now this one is just a bit different, because Thundercat works with hip hop and R&B artists pretty often. When you listen to Run! off Vic Mensa’s INNANETAPE, though, you’ll see what I mean. INNANETAPE is definitely a rapper’s project (compared to the more musical Acid Rap, by Vic’s dude Chance the Rapper), but the songs on it aren’t exactly boom bap.

Even so, this one stands out as the least hip hop of them all, and it’s a bit like some of the collabs Big Boi did on Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors. It doesn’t at all sound like hip ho, but dude’s definitely rapping. If you like hip hop, you’ll like Vic’s verses, and if you don’t, you’ll still love the energy and tempo of this mile-a-minute track.

So those are some of my favorite hip hop collabs that don’t just involve rappers or hip hop producers. What are some of yours?

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