Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is Coming Up.

If you and bae don’t already have reservations at some fancy restaurant, you are real and I salute you. If you don’t have a bae, well shit, better luck next year and there’s no reason you can’t do this for yourself #treatyoself. These are some Valentine’s Day date ideas you might go for if you’re real and you’re not trynna break the bank.

Everyone loves Kanye.


Figure out what you’re gonna bump

So the soundtrack to your Valentine’s Day date is gonna be the most crucial part. The music sets the tone and fills the silences that might pop up every now and then. I mean think about it, you don’t want some mad serious conversation to have just ended, and then the speakers start bumping “I LUH BAD BITCHES THAS MY FUCKIN PROBLEM.” That’s why you gotta pre-plan the playlist. And what are dope albums if not pre-made playlists?

J. Cole - 2014 Forest Hills DriveAnyways, you gotta a lot of choices here, but you gotta be careful because the tracks you lay down are gonna set the mood. You can’t go too far either way, so I’m sorry Drake but you’re not gonna cut it. And on the other side, Migos, we love you but this is Valentine’s Day not Christmas. If you wanna keep it dope but also just a little soft, you might wanna hit up J Cole and 2014 Forest Hills Drive. Side note: if you or bae are from Chicago, go with Kanye. Which Kanye? Any Kanye (except maybe not Yeezus but I don’t know y’alls relationship.) Also, Frank Ocean is always a safe choice here.

Pick your dining spot

This is the least important part, but you gotta remember the name of the game is saving some cash. Just make sure it’s somewhere that’s cool with you bringing a candle or two to make the lighting a little more romantic. Most of the time, the decision is gonna come down to Taco Bell or McDonald’s… choose wisely, depending on if bae speaks spanish or not.

Choose your movie

FridayNow that you’ve had your romantic but cost-effective meal, it’s time to wind down the night. What’s the best way to do this? Well, obviously you gotta end with a dope movie that features some rappers. If you and bae wanna kick it with a little smoke, go with How High. If you want something a little realer, go with Hustle & Flow. Finally, if bae is white you gotta show them Friday so that they understand you.

Now you know what romance is

So go on and spread it or just enjoy the night to yourself. If it’s a solo Valentine’s Day though you might need a little more Drake. Otherwise, show bae a good time with this time-tested date night. And if you got any hot tips for making it even better, let me know.

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