Vic Mensa – Down On My Luck

Down On My Luck is Vic Mensa’s not-so-new track.

The video came out almost a year ago and the track dropped on iTunes a month ago, but folks don’t really seem to be talking about it. I also really like his music, so I’m telling y’all about this Vic Mensa dance track regardless of when it came out. It’s got a hypnotic beat and Vic’s manic flow matches it perfectly. I’ll link you to buy it on iTunes at the end of this article, but to start you should probably watch the video, which is fucking awesome.

Vic Mensa – Down On My Luck Video

The sound

Vic Mensa - Down On My LuckSo this shit isn’t really hip hop, and it’s pretty obvious that that’s what Vic was going for. If you’ve ever heard INNANETAPE (Download it free at Datpiff if you haven’t) you know that Vic has a wide range of musical tastes, and that he can match a bunch of different beats with his versatile flow. Not to mention that he was like the frontman of Kids These Days, so Vic Mensa is most definitely not your average rapper, and he’s for sure got the talent to lead a few different musical styles.

He is quick, smart and has an ear for what sounds good though, and that definitely shines through on Down On My Luck. You could probably listen to this shit on repeat for hours on end, and that’s as much because of Vic’s ability to ride a beat as it is because of how repetitive the beat is. Anyways, this shit pretty much makes you feel like you’re just chilling at a club if you’re listening to it, no matter where you are.

The video

Vic Mensa - Down On My Luck VideoThe video does a hell of a job matching the track, especially cause they’re both mad hypnotic and you could keep watching/listening forever. The video shows the same story of Vic at a club but a little different each time, with Vic getting just a little luckier each time. After hearing the track once, it’s obvious that the video would have to be at a club, but they do really interesting things with this and it’s definitely not just some generic club shots or anything. It’s not a crazy-deep narrative video like J. Cole did with G.O.M.D. or anything, but for what it is it’s a hell of a video. More hip hop and non-hip hop videos should take after Down On My Luck, cause I could watch that shit all day.

Try getting that beat out your head.

Good luck, because I’m still vibing to this shit myself. Vic Mensa is a mad exciting rapper, from his flow and general ability to his vision and ambitious goals in making a track/video like this. Considering dude’s only 21 and has just started working with Kanye a little bit, the future looks mad bright for him. Buy Down On My Luck for $1 and be ahead of the curve.

Down On My Luck - Single - Vic Mensa

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