Vic Mensa – U Mad (feat. Kanye West)

We got another Kanye track.

But he’s only a feature. Luckily, Vic Mensa is mad dope, and he appears to have a big new fan in Kanye, first snatching a feature in Wolves and now getting a Kanye feature on his own track. Even though it’s a Vic track, it definitely sounds like Kanye produced it and shaped the vision, down to the artwork for it. Anyways, let’s scope it and see what it’s like.

Vic Mensa – U Mad (feat. Kanye West) on Youtube


Vic Mensa - U Mad (feat. Kanye West)With one look at the artwork, you can probably get some kind of idea what this track sounds like. From the beginning it’s dark, but in a more menacing than depressing way, starting with some horns and some Vic singing. The beat almost has a Blood on the Leaves type sound to it, but just a little bit. It sets the tone for Vic Mensa to tear it up at various speeds. Even though it sounds like Kanye shaped the sound, this is definitely Vic’s shit.

The beat slows down before Kanye comes in with a decent verse, but the beat’s still dope enough to keep it interesting. Considering this is Vic’s track, I think Kanye knew the best thing he could do for him was give him a little spotlight instead of trying to spit the firest verse of all time or something. Vic finishes off the track with another verse, and he kicks it off by instantly kicking it a bit quicker about how and why he’s the shit. Vic kills it on this track and shows his versatility, which is probably why Kanye respects his shit.

Does this mean a Vic album?

Vic Mensa - Down On My LuckDown On My Luck just recently came out on iTunes (even though it actually dropped a while ago), and now we got this track. Are we getting a Vic album then? His last shit was INNANETAPE, which was a real dope mix tape, but still leaves Vic without a major label debut. Now that Kanye apparently likes him so much, it can’t be long until he gets his own album. And if this track and Down On My Luck are any indication, it’ll have a lot going on.


Anyways, if you wanna get hyped or just generally need some motivation, this track will do the trick. In case you aren’t sold on Vic Mensa yet (which you really should be), this track will show you why Kanye is. Anyways, check it out and let me know what y’all think.

Vic Mensa – U Mad (feat. Kanye West) on Youtube

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