What’s Kanye’s Next Album Gonna Be Like?

So Kanye performed on SNL 40.

Yeah, he’s been everywhere lately from The Grammys to his fashion show, but being on SNL’s 40-year anniversary is pretty dope too. He performed 3 tracks in a few minutes, starting with Jesus Walks before going on to his new shit, Only One and Wolves. It’s Kanye, so shit was political. Watch the performance here.

Jesus Walks

Kanye West Jesus WalksSo Kanye started his multiple track performance with a classic, Jesus Walks. A lot of it was censored out. The main thing though is that Kanye sang the track lying down (singing into the mic upside down), and the visual was pretty powerful, considering it instantly evokes images of Mike Brown and others, along with the protests. Of all his old shit he could have played, I think it says a lot that he chose this track.

Only One

No, hot new artist Paul McCartney wasn’t there. It was still a great performance though with only Kanye West out there (standing up this time) doing his most emotional track. I like Only One more and more everytime I hear it, it’s a damn emotional track and shows how Kanye is only getting more mature, regardless of what he did at The Grammys (and he was right tho.)


Vic Mensa WolvesSo this is the only really new track Kanye did (we’ve heard Only One a few times now, and there were only snippets of Wolves to come out of Kanye’s fashion show), and Sia and Vic Mensa joined Kanye on stage for this one. Both were only singing (no rapping from Vic on this one — I was just a little disappointed) but it was mad dope. Sia was using her voice like an instrument and it was all just coming together for a minimally creepy vibe.

It was also mad dope of Kanye to feature Vic on this, and google searches for him skyrocketed after the performance. He’s putting on a Chicago head, and he chose Vic instead of Chance because Chance don’t need to be put on. Vic on the other hand is as dope as Chance with much less exposure. Or maybe he just likes Vic more, shit I don’t know.

So what about Kanye’s next album?

Well, considering Wolves is the first track on the album, it will probably be pretty indicative of the whole LP. I think Kanye’s next album is gonna be kind of a mix between Yeezus and 808s and Heartbreak, so like an out there (relative to hip hop) album with minimal production that alternates between personal and hostile. Kanye usually goes pretty emotional, but this is gonna be his first album as a father, and I think it’ll be as much or more singing as rapping. I can’t wait.

Spit Talking

4 comments on “What’s Kanye’s Next Album Gonna Be Like?

  1. Peter February 21, 2015 6:34 pm

    Any rumors/guesses on when he might drop his new album?

    • Joaquin February 21, 2015 10:13 pm

      Great question, he kinda talked about this on The Breakfast Club the other day, and he said he’ll drop it as a surprise and that he’s 80% done with it. Let’s say it takes him like a year to work on an album, that means we can start looking for it round May maybe?

      • Peter February 23, 2015 5:56 am

        Could we maybe see Vic featuring on it? Or do you think this was just Kanye giving him some love for the Wolves bit for SNL 40?

        • Joaquin February 23, 2015 9:18 pm

          Well, looking at My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Pusha T and even Bon Iver were all featured in some way multiple times, so maybe Kanye’s gonna put Vic on for a few tracks. Shit I hope so.

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