Yo, The Grammys Are Trash

The Grammys are tonight.

There’s a number of reasons why people think you should care about the Grammys, but there’s mad more reasons why you shouldn’t care about them. From political reasons to personal reasons, you shouldn’t put too much weight on what the Grammys say. Let me walk you through why you would be safe to pretty much ignore what is supposedly music’s biggest night.

UPDATE: Eminem’s MMLP2 has won best rap album. Iggy did not win, thank god. Either way, my point remains.

Iggy Azalea’s gonna win best rap album.

Iggy Azalea Trash Award

Photo: eonline.com

Don’t deny it, you know it’s gonna happen. Don’t get it twisted either though, I’m as mad about that as you are. But let’s just be real, because in 2012 Kendrick Lamar released an album (good kid, m.A.A.d. city) that was almost universally hailed as the beginning of a new golden age for hip hop, and he lost to Macklemore’s mildly enjoyable (trash) album. Speaking of Macklemore, remember his wack ass text apology to Kendrick that night? Like he couldn’t just not accept the award, right? But anyways, if Macklemore could beat Kendrick, you know damn well that Iggy’s winning this year. Which brings me to my next point…

The Grammys don’t give a shit about hip hop.

This is a non-controversial fact. Do the Oscars care at all about non-white people (men specifically?) No, they don’t (see: Selma’s Oscar nominations), so why would you expect the Grammys to care at all about non-white people? They got hip hop in there as a category cause they know they need to, since it’s one of the biggest genres in the country. If they can give it to someone white, they’re going to. Why do you think The Marshall Mathers LP 2 was nominated for best rap album? Eminem’s dope, but that album was nowhere near as good as (Freddie Gibbs and Madlib’s) PiƱata, which wasn’t even nominated. So yeah, Iggy’s gonna win the Grammy for best rap album despite being both a trash rapper and a racist, terrible person.

So what do we do?

J Cole Not Smiling

Photo: iampragency.com

It’s easy to say that the Grammys don’t matter, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to not get mad when we gotta watch Iggy win a Grammy (and watch J Cole try to crack a smile.) Well, while any artist would be glad to win awards like these, let’s remember that at the end of the day an artist’s career is defined (and allowed to continue) based on sales. It might be wrong and it might show how messed up the current industry is, but that’s real. Iggy might win the grammy tonight, but let’s shape the future of hip hop by buying music we want to keep being made.

So give some money to J Cole for 2014 Forest Hills Drive. Throw some cash to Big K.R.I.T. for Cadillactica. Thank Wu-Tang for everything they’ve done up to and including A Better Tomorrow. Whether or not they get any Grammy recognition next year, by buying their albums we’re showing that what the people want is dope real hip hop, regardless of what’s winning the awards.

Stay strong, hip hop heads.

No matter what happens tonight, hip hop will live on. Even when Iggy wins it, real rappers are gonna be working on some new shit that we’ll actually like. Just remember that the Grammys are silly, and all that matters is what you like and what you support.

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